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Josh Caruana (Ann Arbor MI)

Solo performers Interview

Artist Name:  Josh Caruana

Age: 20

Date: 2/12/2013
What instrument do you play?

I mostly play Guitar, however i can play bass and
piano to an extent. Also, i got the Hendrix singing style, so its
rough, but it goes with the guitar playing.
1. What inspired you to start singing and Playing?

Since i first heard Jimi Hendrix Play the Opening Tritones to Purple
Haze. Also Eric Johnson’s Instrumental “Cliffs of Dover” sparked my
desire to play.

2. How long have you been performing publicly?

When i was in High School, i would play all the time in the hallways,
you know, getting all the teachers mad, security guards chasing me to turn it
down. My first live performance was at a small venue in Ypsilanti Michigan
called “The 734″ back in 2009. However, i havent played a live show
in well over a year, and its about time to start up again.

3. How long did you play before you stated gigging?

I only had about 2 years of experience when my first band started to
play around our small town.

4. How long have you been playing guitar?

I started on Christmas of 2007, since that was when i finally got a
guitar to play, so as of now, a little over 5 years of playing.

5. How did you learn to play guitar?

Mostly self taught, by ear i learned some licks here and there. My
friends taught me a few riffs and chords, but after playing around on the neck,
you notice yourself getting better.

6. Have you taken lessons if so do you take lessons now?

No, in high school we had a guitar class, but they only teach you how
to read sheet music and your basic Chords like A, Am, B, C, D, Dm, E, Em, F, G

7. Where was your first gig?

First gig was at a small, almost garage sized venue in Ypsilanti
Michigan. I was playing with my band at the time. But the place eventually went
out of bussiness.

8. How did you get it?

We heard about it, and simply called the owners. They were glad to
have another set for the show.

9. How scared were you?

It is actually alot more frightening when the audience is full of
people you know, so pretty afraid, Almost choked on the intro to Snow (Hey Oh)
by The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

10. How do you get gigs?

Craigslist helps, but the best way seems to be in person, just talk to
the owners and see if they have weekly or monthly shows in which i can play.
Also open mic nights are a good way to be heard at least.

11. Do you use an agent, if so how did you get that rolling?

No agent, i suppose i am a freelance musician.

12. What do you use for equipment?

Depending on the show, i have my Toys (pedals) and as far as amps go,
i have a behringer bass amp, which is good for solo acts. With a bigger band, i
have 2 Peavy half stacks and a crate amp. I used to have a Line 6 Spider III,
but it has wiring issues. Also ive gone through a few mini amps.

13. Do you use a monitor?

No, but i would like to get one so i can be heard on my own terms.
Usually i rely on the mics and monitors at the venue, but i have had multiple
issues with the Sound Guys at different scenes.

14. Do you have any tips you can share as far as setting up your equipment for a gig?

The best one i can think of is to make sure that your guitars input
jack is fully screwed and not loose, i was playing at a talent show in high
school once when my cord fell out of my guitar, it was pretty embarrising, but
luckily i pulled a smooth recovery and made everyone laugh. They were laughing
with me… not at me i hope.

15. How long was you longest gig?

Hard to say, since i lose track of time when playing, but i played one
show with 2 different bands and my own smaller set afterwards, so maybe about
an hour and a half all together.

16. How long was your shortest gig?

I played a talent show, in which we only were aloud 10 minute sets, it
was difficult to not go over.

17. How do you choose what songs to learn?

Well, usually it depends what song i get obsessed with at the time.
But im always working on Hendrix songs, and other classic rock songs. Alot of
songs nowadays are simple chord progressions, so its almost like i already know
half of them.

18. How do you learn new songs, by ear, YouTube, books?

A combination of all. I have a handful of books to use when the
internet is down or if im going somewhere. Youtube helps to learn in a
different way, like someone is showing you were your fingers go. I always rely
on my ear in the end however when im working on a song, some tabs and lessons
are terribly off sometimes that i would do better by ear.

19. Who are a few of your favorite artist?

Hendrix is my all time favorite for sure. I also like Led Zeppelin,
The Beatles, Deftones, Prince, System of a Down, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Buddy Guy,
B.B King, Muddy Waters, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Incubus, Red Hot
Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Muse, Foo Fighters, The list goes on but these are the
big ones i can think of.

20. How often do you play out?

I always have my guitar on me, but i mostly play around at parties,
parks or even on the road when i can. However it has been quite awhile.

21. Do you have any CD’s out?

Technically no, but i have a double album almost out. Currently
working on remastering some of the older songs ive recorded.

22. Do you have any aspirations to take you music further than your current success?

I am always trying to improve my playing, its never good enough to me.
However, i do want to tour someday, and of course play alot more shows than i
have. Im also intrested in forming a new band, because the overall sound is
better when you can have a bass, some drums and maybe a vocalist, but i aspire
to be a lead man someday, i just need more practice at singing, playing, stage
tricks/ presence and the charm.

23. How far will you travel?

Its tough to say, as i dont have a functioning vehicle, but if theres
a good oppurtunity to play a good sized gig, especially if it pays well, im
willing to go there. One day when im touring, there will basically be no limit
to how far i will go.

24. How far have you traveled to do a gig?

Mostly play at local scenes, it seems tougher to get gigs at further
away places.

25.Can you recall you best show?

Its hard to determine a best show, but when the audience really digs
your tunes, its always a good show. The first gig i played might be up there
with the top because there was alot of people there and into it.

26. How about your worst show?

Oh god, Well this one battle of the bands… it was pretty rough
because the sound guys completely butcherd the tone. My amp was also acting up,
and my guitar was hormonal so she went out out of tune mid song, its bad when
people tell you that it was a good performance, and you know you were bad. You
just think to yourself, “They would have been mindblown if i was playing
my best show”

27. Do you have any advice for a person just getting in to gigging that you would like to share?

Well, avoid forming bands with good friends, otherwise your
productivity suffers a bit.

28. When you practice do you go through a P. A. or just you and your guitar?

Mostly just me and my guitar. If i owned a P.A, i would practice with
it alot, since i can only really hear my singing when i play on my acoustic.
The electric is another story though.

29. Anything else that you would like to share?

Music is the best way to reach into someones soul. If you need to make
a statement or a revolution, Music seems like the best tool for the job.

Contact information/Press Kit

Cell Phone 734-846-2113

Email kewlkidjosh@msn.com