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Ant Thomaz (Little Rock Ak)

Solo performers Interview
Artist Name Ant Thomaz
Age 28
Date 06/07/13
Are you an instrumentalist only?
No I am a Artist & being a
Artist you could never be trapped in a box. I consider my music Evolution Music
nothing has a genre.
What instrument do you play?
Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Piano,
Ukulele, piano, xylophone basically what I pick up if it’s made by man I will
learn how the play it.
Where do you reside?
I’m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana
lived in New York, New York for a year & now currently staying in Little
Rock, Arkansas I love it here it’s so peace & natural.
What inspired you to start singing and
People like President Mahmoud
2 Pac & Jim Morrison, Z-ro from Houston,Tx, Bob Dylan, Cee
lo Green, Jimmi Hendrix,Andre3000, Lauryn Hill & Rob Thomas really help me
understand singing but I fell in love with songwriting first. Once I started
living is when i started singing.

How long have you been performing publicly?

3 years straight
How long did you play before you stated
I never performed until I booked my first gig
I just wrote lyrics non-stop for 10 years I was shy until I found a peaceful
surrounding. I believe in mastering one skill at a time so mentally I would
comprehensive the craft.
How long have you been playing guitar?
5 years
How did you learn to play guitar?
Marijuana & my friend bragging
about there skills really helped me learn how to play so Yeah!!
Have you taken lessons if so do you take
lessons now?
I’ve never taken any lessons being
around shit talking musicians advance me pretty quick.
Where was your first gig?
Paid gig was a night club called
Downtown Music, Little Rock, Ar me & my Soundman Adam Lansky.
How did you get it?
I booked it myself I pretend to be
my Manager I search every article, posting, phonebook, soical media &
keeping my ear to the street to have shows constantly.
How scared were you?
I wasn’t scared actually I was so
happy fear didn’t enter.
How do you get gigs?
Me & my friends basically book 120% of my
Gigs. I perform some times with a band called Quadkiller Side project so we
have a team of musicians that help one another its better that way we’re grown
to realizing we can teach friends to work for themselves at Mach1 recording if
that makes any sense.
Do you use an agent, if so how did you
get that rolling?
I’m not a fan of Agents or Record
companies they remind me of Lawyers.
What do you use for equipment?
I have a rack of hardware a Pre
Amp,Compressor, Frequently Harmony device, 3 Electric & Acoustic Guitar,
Piano, Ukulele, midi board etc
Do you use a monitor?
Yes I love monitors it’s great to
hear yourself.
Do you have any tips you can share as
far as setting up your equipment for a gig?
Honestly that’s a long ass list.
How long was your longest gig?
3 hours best show ever people didn’t
want me to stop.
How long was your shortest gig?
30 minutes
How do you choose what songs to learn?
Living & accepting the Universe.
I write from a freedom seeker point of view
How do you learn new songs, by ear,
YouTube, books?
I was raised in the worst &
pleasant neighborhoods in Baton Rouge, La,New York, Ny, Little Rock, Ar so
coming up with Truth is super easy I consider it the best of both worlds. I
read a lot ANti- Tv & radio I try to stay away from reality being
unrealistic is Love. Books like The The Alchemist Paulo Coelho, Dope Sara Gran, Art of War, As a man Thinkth by James
Allen those books help me write & by ear.
When you practice do you go through a P.
A. or just you and your guitar?
Me & my Sound Engineer Adam
Lansky & Carl Fidurski practice by just having fun.
Who are a few of your favorite artist?
Nina Simone, Nine Inch Nails, Bob
Dylan, Rob Thomas, Kings of Leon, Tech Nine, Pink Flyod, Corinne Bailey Rae,
The Doors, Audio Slave, Perfect Circle, Frank Sanatra people that are Free
songwriter there own music.
How often do you play out?
6 days a week all over America Real
gigs, Open mic’s, Churches, on te block dude I don’t care I perform any &
Do you have any CD’s out?
https://soundcloud.com/quadkiller for now & we are distributing my Band QuadkilleR Album
on Itune, Amazon, Tunecore etc its titled Untitled Reflection & my hip hop
group Side Project titled 40 Personalities in One Character.
Do you have any aspirations to take you
music further than your current success?
Oh yeah we are starting a Film &
Production Studio, Our portable Recording studio exist already. Lansky/Thomaz
Sound contact us anywhere in the world we will bring our recording Studio
contact us www.lanskysound.com
& antthomaz94@gmail.com. We edit & shot our own Music Video, we have two radio
shows one on Air current called Occupy Little Rock & the other Near Future
called The variety show Jun 6th. We also have yearly Battle for the homeless
basically our version of Battle of the bands but Homeless are the Judges
everything we will do now & near future will always be independent creating
is my gift not necessarily music I’ma artist so rules & the way the norm
funuction never makes my soul second guess new ventures.
How far will you travel?
Everywhere anywhere.
How far have you traveled to do a gig?
Arkansas to New York, Miami,
MorganTown WV, San Deigo, Austin, Tx, Balitmore.
Can you recall you best show?
Playing the Apollo & South by
Southwest FEST in Austin,Tx

How about your worst show?

Little Rock,Ar Juanita I was kicked
out Lol but I met Bill Clinton that night so it was worth it!

Do you have any advice for a person just getting in to gigging that you would
like to share?

Do it yourself F**k all these Agents, Companies that want
your Talent Sugar cookies. Never be content in order to display you talent
control your everything about your talent have self discipline.
Anything else that you would like to
Yes to everybody pursing anything in
Life remember be yourself change only for positive. QuadkilleR Untitled
reflection Itune May 4th. QuadkilleR Threw the wallz & Side Project
Unspoken Words Music video on YouTube.
Contact information/Press Kit
Anthony Thomaz Booking contact info:
304-695-0221 or antthomaz94@gmail.com