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Andrew Ellis (Maumee, OH)

Artist Name - Andrew Ellis

Age 36

Date 4/17/13

Are you an instrumentalist only? No

What instrument do you play? Guitar, banjo, resonator, lap steel, slide guitar, harmonica


Where do you reside? Maumee, OH


1. What inspired you to start singing and Playing?


Punk rock/rebellion


2. How long have you been performing publicly?

20 yrs


3. How long did you play before you stated gigging?


1 year?


5. How long have you been playing guitar?


15 yrs


5. How did you learn to play guitar?


Books, lots of books, constantly watching older musicians, going to open jams, and a       lot of solitude


6. Have you taken lessons if so do you take lessons now?

I’ve taken one lesson in my life. I figured why pay for lessons when I could observe  other musicians that I respected. Others need a one on one atmosphere. You need to do what works best for you. However, don’t let your instructor steer you away from the sound that you want. Too many guitar dudes concentrate too much on theory and speed, not enough on emotion.


7. Where was your first gig?

High school party


8. How did you get it?

Not sure, that was along time ago


9. How scared were you?

Truthfully, until a few years ago, I would get sick before, almost, every gig.


10. How do you get gigs?

Persistence. There are also great online resources available like indieonthemove.com. Plus, being incredibly handsome and gregarious helps. (sarcasm)


11. Do you use an agent, if so how did you get that rolling?

My wife, Mary, handles all of my booking (mary_ankenbrandt@yahoo.com), including touring. Presently, I’m talking to some agents, to book me, in Europe. I felt with the language barriers, this would be the best idea


12. What do you use for equipment?

Fender acoustic, biscuit resonator, banjitar, powered mixer, 2 small mains, powered monitor, several tube pre amps, and effects

13. Do you use a monitor?

Yes. This, I think, is imperative. If you’re serious about your vocals you need an appropriate mix to help define your tone. As well as limiting strain by projecting the ranges that you find difficult. Thus, limiting vocal fatigue.


14. Do you have any tips you can share as far as setting up your equipment for a gig?

The “phase reverse” option is invaluable when it comes to acoustic instruments. This helps to alleviate some feedback issues when playing at higher volumes by making the guitar resonate opposite the monitor. This is standard on most active piezo acoustics


15. How long was you longest gig?

I played 2 four hour gigs last Saturday


16. How long was your shortest gig?

2 songs, radio gigs


17. How do you choose what songs to learn?

Solely, by my own personal taste. I never play a song because I think the crowd will enjoy it. Nor do I write based on an exterior opinion. My job as a musician is to show the rest of the world my soundtrack. Rife with all of the heartbreak inherent in the world.


18. How do you learn new songs, by ear, YouTube, books?

Usually by ear. However, I never cover a song verbatim. I need to put a twist on it.


19. Who are a few of your favorite artist?

Shit, that’s a tough one.

20.  How often do you play out?


4 to 5 times a week


21. Do you have any CD’s out?


Andrew Ellis and Lucky Lemont “Post-Scarcity” (2013)Available NOW! $10

Andrew Ellis and the Setting Sons”Saviour Souls”(2008)out of print

Poe Ditch- self titled (2000) out of print

Presently, I only sell my cds out of the van, or through my Facebook page. You cannot find them on ANY online sales format(cd baby, itunes, etc.). This allows me to keep 90% of the profit instead of 7% from the online store. This is not for everyone. Every 1000 cds I sell I make $9000, as opposed to $700, with the customer paying the same price. That means that you are paying that company $8300! This takes a lot more work, and you don’t reach as many people. If you go this road get an app for your cell phone to accept credit. I can’t stress this enough.


22. Do you have any aspirations to take you music further than your current success?


This isn’t a game to me, this is how I feed my family. I have a shit load more to write, more people to meet, more shows to play. Constantly, practicing. Looking into my heart to know what is important and honest.

23. How far will you travel?


24. How far have you traveled to do a gig?


1,000s of miles. Furthest away from my home, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Dallas.


25. Can you recall you best show?


I’ve had a few


26. How about your worst show?


I was 17 and booked at a bar that hated us. We didn’t, even, have enough material to play the whole night. I guess it’s good that they asked us to stop after the first set. Everyone goes through it at least once. If your message is true, and you have the balls, you’ll persevere.

27. Do you have any advice for a person just getting in to gigging that you would like to share?


Be prepared to be humbled. Your first few gigs will be packed because your friends, and family, will be excited at the novelty of it. Most people don’t continue that momentum. Why should they? They’re a rockstar now. Then fewer and fewer people come to the shows. The real work happens once the bloom is off of the rose. When you decide that you are gonna do this regardless of support, or attendance. Not many people talk about how sad this job is. Constant rejection, constant judging, overwhelming lonliness, and shitty pay. Good luck asshole, you should have been an acountant.

28. When you practice do you go through a P. A. or just you and your guitar?


Both. Everything starts acoustic. Then, tone adaptation and volumes are adjusted for performance through the p.a.

29. Anything else that you would like to share?

Do not make your existence a typical display of stereotypes and remanufactured bullshit. When the crowd goes home you’re the one that has to live with yourself. Keep your integrity intact. If you fail, at least it’s on your own terms. “I’m not trying to save the world. I’m, just, writing the soundtrack.”- Ellis

Booking and CD sales-

Mary mary_ankenbrandt@yahoo.com 419-360-3767

Facebook-cds available




Live at Little Elephant


Live at WIOT Radio