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Gig #50 Selleck Haven Adult Foster Care

Gig #50


Gig #50 Selleck Haven Adult Foster Care

The Gig:

Dan, the owner of Selleck Haven said he picked up my card from the bulletin board at the Log jam.  He had been trying to find somebody to come in and sing.

The Lesson Learned:

I looked up the address of Selleck Haven a few days before I was scheduled to play. Using Google Maps I could see that the foster care was ranch style house.  I decided that I wouldn’t need the horse power of my regular amp and speakers so I brought my Fender combo amp to keep is simple.  Once inside I decided that I didn’t even need that, just guitar music stand and song book.

This was a pretty cool and easy gig.  There were only about 12 people sitting around the living room listening to me.  Some of the songs got more response then others. I have played one other retirement type facility since I started Tim’s 52 gigs.  I didn’t think at the time that I fit this type of environment but now that I’ve done it again I think that it could be a good easy gig especially if I learn some of the older “standards”.  Easy because it is in the day instead of at night then staying up another hour or two and not getting to bed until 2:00 – 3P.M.

The Music

I had a gig the night before and this gig was at two in the afternoon.  If I remember correctly we also stayed up till about 3 A.M. This had a little effect on my voice.  It was still a little stressed and some of the high notes were a little difficult to get out. In the future I’ll be a little more mindful if I have a gig the following day and take a few precautions like get enough sleep and stay well hydrated which should help some.

As I mentioned previously, I’m planning learning some of the standards like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin to name a few which will add more value to my performance in this type of setting.

Special thanks to:

  • To Dan, Michele and the staff at Selleck Haven for inviting me to play

Looking forward to the next one,



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