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Gig #48 Log Jam with Special Guest Chris Hillabrand

Gig #48


Gig #48 Log Jam with Special Guest Chris Hillabrand

The Gig:

Chris, the owner of the Log Jam booked me almost every weekend in the month of February.  Chris and I booked March 9 for the big 52nd gig.  So we figured out how many gigs I needed to do prior to the 9th to get in all my gigs and booked them.

The Music:

Everything went pretty good.  Well I did forget something that I wanted and ran (drove) home to get it at about 7 mins before I was supposed to go on.  I made it back by about 8 mins after. I  Made a joke about “where is that slacker musician, isn’t he supposed to start at 9:00”? to a table of people up front as I stepped up in front of the microphone and strapped on my guitar.  They thought it was pretty funny when they figured out I was slamming myself.  I wouldn’t have left the gig knowing that I would start late if I was playing anywhere else.  I have played the Log Jam so often that I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t be a problem which it wasn’t.

My buddy Chris sat in with me on the 3rd and played some songs that we have been working on for the Big #52.  This is the first time since I started this project that anybody has sat in with me.  It went pretty well, he is a phenomenal lead guitar player.  He can improvise to just about anything you put in from of him.

I posted some video of us on my site under the “Videos” tab.

Special note:

Did you notice up at the top of the page, to the left a green banner that say’s “My wife Kim made this Glass Tray in the picture, click her to see more”?  Kim is a Fused Glass Artist.  This link takes you to her website that displays a lot projects that she has done.  The Tray is really a platter that is approx. 7X16. It is all glass.  It is her own custom creation.  It is what she calls functional art because it can be displayed or used as serving piece to really show off a fancy presentation.  She made it for me about 2 ½ years ago and I love and treasure it.  I don’t remember this picture being taken and I’m not sure how my friend (and web page designer) Tom go his hands on, but I love it. If you have any interest in a custom piece or something you see in her site, just click the “Contact Me” tab and send her a note.

Special thanks to:

  • To Chris (the owner of the Log Jam) for inviting me back again
  • Friends  and family that came out once again to show their support
  • My wife Kim, for enduring yet another Friday having to listen to her husband sing in lieu of several other things she could be doing.  Thanks again for the support honey.

Looking forward to the next one,


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