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Gig #46, Log Jam (From 0 to 100)

Gig #46
Gig #46 The Log Jam (From 0 to 60)
The Gig:
Not much new to write about here.  Chris, the owner of the Log Jam in Grand Ledge has been having me as a regular on Fridays nights the last couple of months.
I titled this 0 to 60 because by the time I had all my equipment set up, most of the patrons who had been in for dinner were gone and it didn’t seem that anybody new was coming in.  During the first set it seemed that only a few people came in, but between the end of the first set and first 15 minutes of my second set the placed filled up and pretty much stayed that way the rest of the evening.
The Lesson Learned:
As usual, I was at the venue about an hour before I was scheduled to start.  Due to the very cold weather, snow and my laziness, I decided rather than parking in the parking lot and lugging everything in I would just park out front on the street, turn on my flasher and carry everything in from there. I had my gear set up in about 25 minutes and had a half hour to kill.  When I first started gigging it use to take me about an hour to set up. The point is, through experience (just like everything else) I have been able to whittle this time down.  Some of the things that I have done that seem to save time: obviously the fact that I have played the Log Jam so many times I know where the plugs are so I’m not searching for them or figuring out how I’m going to run my extension cords or power strips.  I keep/transport all my cords, cables, foot pedal tuner and mic in an oversized type briefcase that my dad use to use when he was in office supply sales working for Boise Cascade. When I pack up after finishing a gig, I make sure to pack all these items in kind of a reverse order so that as I’m setting up I don’t have to waste time looking for what I need next; it is always right on top.
How did I create a “buzz” for this gig? (An added new segment)
As I mentioned in my Gig #43 commentary, I don’t think I’ve talked at all about marketing one’s self yet. This is a subject that I’ll get into more throughout my remaining blogs.
It is always good to try to create some type of a “buzz” for lack of a better term about your gigs, to draw in as many people as possible, hence tims52gigs blog.
Facebook, Facebook, Facebook….. it is a great tool to get the word out about your gigs.   It has been kind interesting watching FB.  In my world it seemed that FB was used primarily to “friend” only real friends whom I define as people that you hang out and do things with.  But as time has gone on the definition of “friend” seems to mean something more vague such as someone you may have met once or even someone that you may have never met but have some association with such as someone that you see commenting on a lot of the same status’ that you do. And now we have the business side of friending such as business’s with Facebook pages and pages that have been designed specially a bring together people with a common interest or organizing events.  Now I find myself excepting friend request from people I barely know and sending out friend request to people I may only know through association.  The Log Jam and a lot of other venues that have live musicians have FB pages so you can friend them and the post your gigs on their site. I always post once or twice 2 to 3 days before and usually the day of my gig to get the word out.
The Music:
Everything went pretty good.  Again, I decided against lugging in my monitor.  I positioned myself and the speakers in an orientation where I could hear myself pretty good.  I received a lot of nice compliments that evening and a few in the days following on how good I sounded.
I have written a lot about my struggles of not being able to hear myself and the effect that this has on my confidence which of course has a big impact on your overall show.  But gig by gig and as my confidence has grown and my stage fright continues to diminish the “can’t hearing myself perfectly” has less impact on my psyche thus providing a more positive experience for me which is passed on to the listener.
Special thanks to:
  • To Chris (the owner of the Log Jam) for inviting me back again
  • Friends  and family that came out once again to show their support
  • My wife Kim, for enduring yet another Friday having to listen to her husband sing in lieu of several other things she could be doing.  Thanks again for the support honey.
Looking forward to the next one,


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