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Gig #45 Log Jam (a low key evening)

Gig #45
Gig #45 The Log Jam (a low key evening)

The Gig:
Not much new to write about here. Chris, the owner of the Log Jam in Grand Ledge MI. has been having me in regularly on Fridays the last couple of months.

The Lesson Learned:
After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I assumed that venue would be pretty quiet and low key compared to last several gigs that I did at the Log Jam. My assumption was correct, normally when I arrive about 8:00 to bring in and set up my gear, the place is pretty much packed, but tonight it was pretty quiet . I was actually kind of relieved, I know that a small turnout is not good business, but I was looking forward to a more relaxed evening myself.

Thinking back, I kind of remember being a little bummed at a gig I was doing one night because the attendance was so low. But this time I was in a different mind set, plus as I’ve been growing musically I knew that I still needed to provide a positive experience for the listeners regardless of there numbers. I used this opportunity to create a more intimate experience for the listener and of course in hopes to gain another fan or two. I spent the evening interacting as much as possible with the patrons. I made eye contact (as much as I can without glasses) with as many people as possible. I acknowledged every applause. Every time someone would say something to me between songs or make a comment, I acknowledged them and responded kindly back. All of this worked well. I could tell that some of these people really felt involved, it seemed as though they were making a conscious effort to make sure they never missed an opportunity to clap or make a comment between songs, like a new friend who wanted make sure that I knew that they were paying close attention. I learned a lot at this gig and will always be as involved as the listener’s will allow me to be.

I would like to touch a little more on the subject of getting involved with the patrons. Over the almost two years that I have been involved in this project, I have gone to watch a lot more solo acts than I ever have. I have also paid much closer attention to the performer and his performance, trying to see what works well and what doesn’t. What works is very obvious, it the guy who interacts with the patrons. I’ve become kind of a “fan snob” if there is such a thing. Kind of like a wine snob. If I spend the time to come out, spend a few bucks and maybe even bring a few friends out to listen and support an artist the last thing I want to expense is some stuck snob that thinks for some reason he rides on a higher pain than his listeners do. This is surly a one-way road to disaster. How can one grow his fan base if he has an arrogant attitude? Again, remember you are only there because your presence brings in more dollars for the owners. End of story

How did I create a “buzz” for this gig? (An added new segment)

As I mentioned in my Gig #43 commentary, I don’t think I’ve talked at all about marketing one’s self yet. This is a subject that I’ll get into more throughout my remaining blogs.
It is always good to try to create some type of a “buzz” for lack of a better term about your gigs, to draw in as many people as possible, hence tims52gigs blog.

If there was a buzz, it would have been though association. I explained what I mean by association in my last blog entry titled Gig # 44. The association would have been though getting as involved as possible with the listeners, thus giving them a little more to remember me by.

The Music:
It’s kind of funny. I’ve found that usually my first 3, 4 or 5 songs go pretty well. Then I start to get a little self-conscious which makes me a little nervous which then tends to lead mistakes. Next, I always seem to settle down and regain some confidence. This night was no different. Once I worked though this state, everything went good. The 2nd and 3rd set went really well. I was quite satisfied with my performance

Special thanks to:
• To Chris (the owner of the Log Jam) for inviting me back again
• some of my friends that came out once again to show the support
• My wife Kim, for enduring yet another Friday having to listen to her husband sing in lieu of several other things she could be doing. Thanks again for the support honey.

Looking forward to the next one,


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