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Gig #44, The Log Jam (tips for a cause)

Gig #44
Gig #44 The Log jam (tips for a cause)

The Gig:
Not much new to write about here. Chris, the owner of the Log Jam in Grand Ledge MI. has been having me in regularly on Fridays the last couple of months.

I had recently learned that one of our local guitar player/singer solo acts Joe Wright has been raising money to provide a Christmas party for some of our homeless veterans both here in the Lansing area as well as a community south east of us in a town called Niles. As I learned more about the event though the event’s website at http://voachristmas.com/, Facebook and other media sources, I felt compelled to do something to help. One of the ways that Joe had been raising money was though music, including a fund raiser at the Whiskey Barrel Saloon in East Lansing, Michigan where Joe and 5 or 6 other bands gathered on a Sunday to raise money for the event. That gave me the idea to put out a tip jar at my next gig and donate %100 percent of the proceeds to his charity. Even though I didn’t expect to raise much I remember what Joe had written in the VOA website “It’s not a sales pitch when I say that everything counts. $5 … $10 … a few dozen cookies … or a crock pot of meatballs. It all makes a difference” . That was enough for me to feel even one night’s tips were worthwhile.
Before my gig the following Friday I had made up some flyers requesting tips for the cause. At my gig I taped them up everywhere I could including my speakers, mic stand and music stand. Several of the patrons expressed their application and donated.
I caught up with Joe at one of his gigs the following Sunday and gave him the donations. I’m hoping to do more for next year’s event though the power of music.

The Lesson Learned :
See the next segment below.


How did I create a “buzz” for this gig? (An added new segment)

As I mentioned in my Gig #43 commentary, I don’t think I’ve talked at all about marketing one’s self yet. This is a subject that I’ll get into more throughout my remaining blogs.
It is always good to try to create some type of a “buzz” for lack of a better term about your gigs, to draw in as many people as possible, hence tims52gigs blog.

Although my intentions when I decided to donate my tips (that I hoped to raise at my gig) to the Volunteers of America’s Homeless Veteran’s Christmas Party was not to create a buzz around myself, the ripple effect though association did just that. What I mean by this is that one technique to help someone remember something or someone is to associate the person or thing to something that they create though their owe thought process. If you have trouble remembering names of people you meet, try to associate them to someone else you know with the same name. As an example: if you meet someone named Mike, and you have friend named Mike, think to yourself, he doesn’t look like my friend Mike. His hair a black and my friend Mike’s hair is red and his nose is long and Mikes is small and so on. What this does is help you recall Mike’s name next time you see him because you have associated other thought to his name. You have made it more than just a name. You have given more resources for your brain to help you remember his name easier. Thus some of the patrons at my gig have more to remember me by than just the singer/guitar player at the bar one night, they also subconsciously associated the singer/guitar player to the guy who was also donating his tips to a cause. And even more so to the people that engaged in the act of walking up and physically putting money in my tip bucket because they added association by creating the action.

The Music:
The music went pretty good. I back off my reverb a little which seemed to add a little more clarity to the sound.
One couple that had met up with friends for dinner stayed and listened until I was done even though there friends had left a couple of hours earlier.

Special thanks to:
• To Chris (the owner of the Log Jam) for inviting me back again
• Several of my friends that came out once again to show the support
• My wife Kim, for enduring yet another Friday having to listen to her husband sing in lieu of several other things she could be doing. Thanks again for the support honey.

Looking forward to the next one,

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