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Gig #41, The Log Jam

Gig #41

Gig #41 The Log jam with special Guest Rachael Rayl

The Gig:

Chris from the Log Jam called and asked me if I was available to
play Thanksgiving Eve.  I answered yes
and the gig was booked.

The Lesson Learned :

As time has gone by on this journey I can’t help but remember a
comment that Kerry Clark (who was the host of an open mic I did at the Michigan
Brew Company back on April 25, 2011 – Gig #3 and whom has also play bass for
and toured with the great Larry McCray) made to me when telling him about my 52
gigs project.  He said something like “it’s
going to take a lot more than 52 gig”.  I
kind of think now I understand what he meant by his comment. That is; all
though I have completed 41 gigs and numerous mini performances such as private
parties and bonfires etc. it still can be tough, sometimes rough and even nerve
wracking playing live shows.  Basically
it is still hard to get though song after song without screwing something
up.  For me this is because there is so
much going on while playing and singing a song such as acknowledging people as
they come into the bar and wave, or as they give you the thumbs up, and people
that come out to see you that may be performers themselves or someone who may
be in the business who may be judging you, like a person or two sitting just
far enough away so I can’t make out their expression but seem to be very
attentive and paying close attention, then I’m thinking “who are they, do they
know me, should I recognize them”?  So
while I’m playing I’m thinking about all this stuff, my mind is trying to take
this all in and figuring out how to respond while at the same time
concentrating and trying not to screw up a new song that I may be playing
publicly for the first or second time.

So the lesson continues to be – Just Keep doing it and do it the
best I can and see what happens next.


The Music:

I leaned a new song that my daughter Jamie and her fiancé Erik like called To Make You Feel My Love by GARTH BROOKS. Even though they had
other plans and said they wouldn’t be able to make it to this gig, they did
show up during my last set. I was very happy to see them walk through the door
and decided I would play it as my last song of the night. As I started playing
the song it seemed to get their attention right away. Erik came up to me after
I finished and asked if I know that it was “their song” and that they are
considering it for their first dance as husband and wife at their wedding
reception. They both seemed to sincerely appreciate that I had learned and played
the song.  The kind of stuff that makes a
dad feel good.

Also, good friend and neighbor Bob Rayl and his daughter Rachel
came out to the show. Rachel loves to sing and has sung in several productions though
he school in Grand Ledge.  I asked her if
she wanted to either sing a song with me or play the guitar and sing a song
herself.  She thought about it and little
while later said should like to sing
by Fleetwood Mac. She did a great job.  You can see a short video of her performance
be clicking on the link below


or on my You tube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/tims52gigs
then navigate to Gig #41.

Special thanks to:

  • To my wife Kim for her continued
    support.  She keeps coming out the gigs
    sometimes weekend after weekend when she has so many other things and passions
    of her own that she could be doing. Greeting people, meeting people and working
    the crowd for me. Please take a look at her passion which is creating art
    though a process called Fused Glass at www.kimheenan.com Kim I love you madly and thanks so
    much for putting up with the stuff and time that I put into pursuing this
  • Chris for giving me yet another
    opportunity to hone my skills and do what I love.
  • To all my neighbors, friends and
    family for coming out again and again to support me.  Some nights the place would be dead without
    you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Looking forward to the next one,

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