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Gig #38 Phil’s Retirement party


Gig #38 Phil’s Retirement Party

The Gig:

This was a retirement party for a friend of mine.

The plan was to have the party outside starting about 7 p.m.  My wife and I arrived about an hour and a
half before I was to start playing. I wanted to make sure we had time to say
our hello’s and set up my gear.  Phil and
Jill’s home is beautiful with a deck that runs across the back of their house overlooking
their back yard and a fire pit. The first order of business was to determine
the best location to set my gear. Jill told me that their guest would more than
likely be moving about between the fire pit, up to their deck where there is a
large seating area and their house.  I also wanted to make sure that I selected a location that would provide access
to run my speaker cabling without being in area where people would be walking.  Once set up I did a sound check.  I tuned up the master volume at approximately
the lever I set it while practicing in my basement – wow, it seemed very loud.  I don’t quite understand this because I know
in the basement the carpet and acoustical ceiling tile absorb a lot of the
sound, but I thought that outside it would even more dense or require more
volume to move the sound but obviously I was wrong.  So I adjusted levels and started performing.

The Lesson Learned:

As I stated above, it seems that outside I may not need to set the
volume lever as high as I do indoors to produce the same effect. I’ve done at
least 2 other gigs outside but with my Fender Acoustisonic combo amp which is a
totally different system so there really is no comparison.

I was very pleased with the overall sound.  It seemed very full and whole.  Again I’m quite pleased with the equipment I purchase
and that I went with the 15 inch rather than the 12 inch speakers.  They are definitely heavier, but I’m always satisfied
with them.

The Music:

I played 2 sets and just less than 3 hours.  It has been 3 months since my last official gig.  But I felt that it went pretty well

The reason I had not done a gig for 3 months is because I took the
summer off.  I played at a party or two
and around a few bon-fires over the summer but nothing that qualified as a gig.
I had hit the 14 month of Tim’s 52 gigs pretty hard and was ready for some time
off.  But now I am back at it.  As of date I have had two gigs this fall and
2 more booked at the Log Jam in Grand Ledge.

The current count from the hit counter on my web site is now 86,153.

Special thanks to:

Phil and Jill for inviting me to perform
at their event.  I had a blast and as
always, it is always a pleasure hanging out with you two

Looking forward to the next one,


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