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Gig #37, Gus Games 2012


Gig #37 Gus Games

The Gig:

This was my second gig at this location.  The first time was September 2, 2011.  The event was a get together of family and
friends after the men’s annual golf outing.
This time the event was a gathering of family and friends to celebrate
the life of Brian “Gus” Pline (May 28, 1957 – August 12, 2008). Following
is an excerpt from one of the emails that I received from his daughter:

”My dad was such an
amazing person and unexpectedly lost his battle with cancer nearly 4 years ago
at the age of 51. I grew up attending “Horse” basketball tournaments that he
and his buddies had and I also played in many Gus Macker tournaments each
summer with him as my coach. After my parents bought the cottage, every weekend
included playing bean bags. This year marked the 4th annual Gus Games
tournament which we do each year the weekend after Memorial Day to honor and
remember him.”
Amy Gulford.

I was honored
to be asked back to play at such a personal gathering.

It has been just over three month’s since
I did this gig, but still as I look back on the pictures, the emails from Amy
and reminisce about the gig, I feel the emotion like it was yesterday.  I’ve mentioned it before but I must comment
again that the journey of Tim’s 52 Gig’s has proven to me that it’s a lot more
than just gaining experience playing and singing, it has offered many
opportunities like this gig to meet great people and for a short time be a part
of their personal celebrations.

Lesson Learned:

Nothing new to add to this topic this time

The Music:

Looking back at the set list I played about 40 -45 songs.

I played a few newer songs and messed them up a little but it
didn’t matter.  Let me explain… prior to
the gig I had a few email exchanges with Amy to work out details. In one of the
emails I include my song list for her review and asked her if there any other
songs that are not on the list that she would like me to learn. I loved her

As far as songs that I’d like you to
learn, I don’t want you to have to put in a bunch of extra time, but I’ll list
some songs that my dad liked to see if you could maybe learn one or two of
them. If not, don’t worry it’s not a big deal.”

I happily did my best to learn 3 or 4 of them.  Even though the 4
songs I did were a little bit out of my vocal range and I didn’t have time to
practice enough to get them down good, I did my best and sang them anyway and it
was obvious by the response I received that my effort were very much

A side note:

I ask Amy if I could post
the picture that she sent me and a little about Gus Games in this blog.  She responded with “Absolutely you can post the picture and
any info you’d like. My sole determination after losing my dad was that I would
do everything in my power to keep his memory alive
” She even wrote and published a book
about her dad.  Amy also shared a link to
a video that was put together for his memorial………http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-ybM3BPOsc

Special thanks to:

  • Amy and her family for having me out
    again and for inviting me to share in such a person event.


Looking forward to the next one,


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