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Gig #35 Ivan’s Stress Free Bar (British Virgin Islands)

Gig #35


Gig #35 Ivan’s
Stress Free Bar (British Virgin Islands)

The Gig:



My wife and I with our friends Al and Karen were recently on
vacation in the British Virgin Islands. Because we are all huge Kenny Chesney

fans we set off to Jost Van Dyke to have a few drinks at Foxy’s and Ivan’s,
both of which Kenny sings about in his song Somewhere In The Sun. Kenny
also shot his video No Shoe No Shirt No Problem at Ivan’s. We made our
way to Ivan’s; Al went in first and bumped into Ivan. We all met Ivan and got
pictures with him. Al made some small talk with Ivan then he seem to disappear
then reappear with a guitar in hand that he brought out for me to play. Ivan
opened the case and started looking for a string to replace the E string which
was broken. He gave me a B string and told me that it would work. He said that
he use to play and that Kenny gave him this guitar with a smile on his face
then he just seem to disappear again. All I could think was “what, Kenny gave
you this guitar”. I played 3 or 4 songs before our lunch was ready then played
for another half hour or so after that. As I played out front on the picnic
table a few people started to hang around to listen while watching the listing
to the waves roll in. Karen turned on her camera then handed it to Kim to
capture this incredible moment. Thanks so much guys for understanding my
passion for music, creating, capturing and sharing this magical moment for me.
We’ll call this Gig #35.


The Lesson Learned:

Luck comes to those who are prepared for opportunity
when it presents itself.

During the whole time we were on vacation, I
carried 2 guitar picks, capo and short song list songs everywhere we went in
case the opportunity presented itself, which it did.


Special thanks to:
Al for finding Ivan and working his magic

Kim and Karen for the video

And all three of you for creating and sharing the moment.


Looking forward to the next one,


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