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Gig #34 The Log Jam

Gig #34
Gig #34 The Log Jam (Grand Ledge)

The Gig:
This gig was scheduled a few weeks back. This was the 3rd Friday gig that I’ve had at the Log Jam. Chris, the owner of the Log Jam, wanted to experiment with some Friday entertainment

The Lesson Learned:
Don’t let rain flood your speaker …..
Usually I park in the parking lot beside the bar and carry in my gear from there. This evening it was raining hard so I decided to park on the street in front of the bar with my flashers on and carry my gear in from there. I opened the back door of my truck topper and dropped the tail gate. I pulled out one of my speakers, closed the tail gate and headed for the door. On trip number two I dropped my tail gate and before I pulled the speaker out where it could get wet I turned it on the side to grab the handle. When I did, rain water ran out of the front of the speaker. Apparently, even though I closed the tailgate and left the topper cover open (blocking the rain) water must have accumulated on the topper door then run down the edge of it and right into my speaker. I brought the speaker in and placed it face down on the floor so it could drain. I left it there for about half an hour at which point it was time for me to start playing. I set it up on the stand, plugged it in and powered it up. I guess I got lucky this time because everything worked fine.

The Music:
The quality of the sound was good. I didn’t use a monitor this time and didn’t have any problems hearing myself. The venue stayed about half full throughout the evening. I played Red Solo Cup for the first time at this venue and it was a hit.

Special thanks to:
• Chris, the owner of the Log Jam for giving me yet another opportunity to share and practice my craft
• My wife Kim for her continued support and proofing these commentaries.
• A few friends that came out and supported me, to name a few, Mike, Jeff, Dave, Kristen, Joe and Terry.

Looking forward to the next one,

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