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Gig #32 Log Jam (3/10/12)

Gig #32
Gig #32 The Log Jam (Grand Ledge)

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The Gig:
This gig as stated above was again at the Log Jam. That being said, to date I’ve play quite a few times at this venue so giving to much detail would be somewhat redundant. Therefore I will leave today’s entry quite lean.

The turnout was great. Someone noted on Face Book the following morning that 34 of the patrons that came out to the gig where from my neighborhood as well as a few other friend from other areas. So let the truth be told; I don’t know how someone could get started in this business without the support of family and friends. Business is business, the only reason you get called back to do a gig is because your current presence or hopefully your future presence will bring in more dollars. I can only speak for myself but I’m not good enough to do this by myself, to bring in enough people to keep getting this gig over and over. It is because of all the support I get, friends and family that actually come out and buy food and or drinks. Of course, the objective is to gain more experience and to get better over time and eventually be able to hold my own and that seems to starting to happen. But until that time – friends and family have been paving the way. I’m so thankful and fortunate to have them.

The Lesson Learned:
I used a monitor again. At low volumes it seemed to work pretty well. As the night went on I had to turned the master volume up a few times. I started having some issues with what sounded to me like way to much bass tones. I turned the low EQ all the down on the monitor which didn’t seem to help much. I inquired the opinions of some trusted friends and they said the sound was fine, no bass issues. It may have been from the mains. So I still have much to learn regarding set-up.
The Music:
The list of songs continues to grow. I added Red Solo Cup, Baby I love Your Way and Can’t You See to the lineup.

I continue to develop as far as getting more audience participation. During the last set I had people singing Brown Eyed Girl with Me and I had both sides of the room taking turns singing the “Sha la la, la la, la la, la la, l-la te da” thing. During one of the other songs two girls came up to sing with me.

Special thanks to:
• Everybody that came out to support me. I appreciate it so much!!

Looking forward to the next one,

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