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Gig #29, The Log Jam (2-24-12)

The Gig:
This was the 2nd of two Friday gigs back to back at the Log Jam. The owner normally doesn’t do live entertainment on Friday nights. We talked a couple weeks ago about giving it a try to see how it would work out. The turnout was great. He has asked me to get back with him next week to schedule some more dates. I’m guessing it worked out pretty good for him.

The Lesson Learned:
I had a lot on interaction with the audience which seemed to add a more entertaining element to the show. At one point I had 5 or 6 couples out in front of me slow dancing to a Garth Brooks song. There was also a birthday in the house, so I played off that as well. I had a damn good time. This was probably the largest group of people I’ve had to date that have in one way or another got involved with the show.

The Music:
Two gigs ago I had a hard time with the sound. Before last week’s show I made some adjustment which seemed to correct the problem. This week I set everything up the same and the sound again was fine. Other than that, nothing new to share.

Special thanks to:
• Everybody that came out to support me. I appreciate it so much!!
• Chris, for again providing me the platform to share my love for music and hone my skills.

Looking forward to the next gig .

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