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Gig #28, Log Jam in Grand Ledge

Gig #28
Gig #28 Log Jam

The Gig:
Chris, the owner of the Log Jam called me to book a Saturday night gig which we booked for March 10. Chris said that he has been thinking about starting to do music on Fridays. He asked me to contact him the following week to talk more about it. I got back with Chris the following week and we booked the next two Fridays.

The Lesson Learned:
If you read the last commentary you know I had a very hard time with the sound. So my main focus on this gig was speaker placement and tweaking my mixer to get a better quality sound out of my guitar. The fix was easy. I placed the speaker to my left about 10 feet away, which was almost the corner of the room. I faced the speaker toward the center of the room. In this position I could hear myself pretty good. The other speaker was off to my right and a foot or two in forward.
To get a more natural acoustic sound out of my guitar I simply turned down the pre-amp built into my guitar’s pickup and increased the gain on the channel that my guitar was plugged into on my mixer. The problem was solved. I don’t know why I didn’t do this the other night. I learned this technique some time ago.

The Music:
As I explained above the sound was good. This gave me the confidence to let loose and kick it out. I had a good turnout, again thanks to so many of my loyal friends and a few others. I had a great Log Jam Mahi Mahi dinner, then played 3 full sets. I had a couple of request to play a few songs that I had played earlier in the evening which I was more than happy to do.

Special thanks to:

   Everybody that came out to support me. I appreciate it so much!!
• Kimmy, for taking pictures and her continued support.
• Chris for again providing me the platform to share my love for music and hone my skills.

Looking forward to the next one next Friday at the Log Jam.

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