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Gig #27, Waterfront Bar & Gill (Lansing MI)

Gig #27 


Gig #27 Waterfront Bar & Grill

The Gig:

How did I get the Gig? Easy, just ask.

My wife and I and some friends met at the Waterfront Bar for drinks a couple Fridays ago. A guitar player/singing was providing the entertainment.  The owner of the bar was talking to some people next to us.  When he had finished I asked how does a guy get a gig here?  His response was “just ask me” so I did.  He asked when and I suggested a week from Wednesday, and the gig was booked.

 The night that I booked the gig we met some new friends, Cindy and Karen.  They both came out for the gig and brought some of their friends.  Also had my peeps from the hood and some new and old friends came out to support me.  Thanks to everyone.

 The Lesson Learned:

I learned that I still have a lot to learn.  I think that I may try a monitor speaker.  I’ve never set one up before so I’ll have to try it at home first.  It will be extra gear to haul and set up but I’m such a sound freak so I think it will help.  Maybe if tonight goes well I’ll put the idea off for a while, we’ll see.

 The Music:

The gig was on a Wed. The owner pretty much let me set up the time. I decided to play from 6 – 9 to try and catch the happy hour crowd.

 I arrived about 45 minutes prior to our agreed start time of 6 PM.  Due to the smaller venue and the lack of a safe route to run additional speaker cable, I decided to only set up one speaker.  Scott, the owner, showed me a couple of jacks that I could plug my PA in to that would broadcast the sound over his sound system, but I didn’t think my gear would adapt to them. I strummed my guitar a few times to check the sound.  I made several adjustments but could not get satisfactory sound on the guitar.  The vocal seemed fine.  I had two problems: one, the speaker position.  I couldn’t put it behind me and I could not set it off to the side of me far enough away so that I could turn it towards me enough so I could hear myself.  I put it just over my right shoulder, (see the Photo Album tab) which almost had an effect like my ears were plugged.  And two, I think I needed to turn the volume down on my guitar pickup and then adjust the gain on my mixer because my guitar sounded like…well, you know s#!t.

 I was also very nerves.  I thought that I was over that.  It felt more like gig #7 rather than gig #27. I’m blaming this one on the poor sound, first time venue and a stretch of about two months since my last gig.

 I have another gig tonight at a familiar venue, the Log Jam in Grand Ledge.  I’m anticipating a much more positive experience.

To see more pictures please click on the Photo Album tab/ Gig #27

 Special thanks to:

  • Everybody that came out to support me. I appreciate it so much!!
  • Kimmy, for taking pictures and her continued support.
  •  Scott and the crew down at the Waterfront for making me feel at home.


Looking forward to the next one,


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