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Gig #26 Song Writer Collaboration

Gig #26
Gig #26 Song Writer Collaboration

The Gig:
As the title of this gig suggest, I have been working with a song writer.

Often I scan the Musician’s section on Craig’s List. I came across a listing from a song writer looking for someone to sing his songs. I decided to reply . Why?
Since Christmas the gig thing kind of slowed down. Along with the slowdown comes some self-doubt, wondering if I have the talent and wondering if I should continue to pursue this project or move on to something else. So I thought what the heck, nothing ventured nothing gained and I’m curious about how other facets of the music business work. The worst thing that could happen was nothing.
In the response to the ad I explained a little about myself and suggested that the author (Tom C) check out both of my web sites to learn more about me and listen to me sing to see if he is interest in pursuing further. Tom responded back that he was interested. He wrote “I have been writing for the female vocalist(s) for the past 5 years so it is interesting to possibly collaborate with a male voice–especially on the more “grittier” songs. I can definitely hear you laying down some vocal tracks/performing on the newer material that I have written since the band I was in broke up.” Tom included some links to some of his work so I could check out his music as well.
I checked out some of Tom’s work. The style of his music was along the Folk genera. It was obvious that Tom was a professional and has been involved in the music business for quite a while. This made me both excited and a little nerves. I wrote Tom back and explained that I wasn’t a big fan of folk music but I wanted to move forward.
Tom suggested that he could send me some demo’s of the new stuff he had been writing. He explained that has been thinking about doing a solo album of originals with singers from around the area and that he had a couple of songs that have a “country” feel that he could hear me doing.
Tom sent a couple of demo’s. I worked with them for a few days, record myself playing and singing them and sent them back. He responded that the next step would be to get together at his home studio. We set up a time and date.

I arrived on a Thursday evening. Tom welcomed me to his home, introduced me to his wife and we headed down to his basement studio. This in itself was somewhat of a new experience, that is – with the exception of a few emails correspondences and listening to each other music,’ I was going to a complete stranger’s house. But within a few minutes I made that observation that our life styles seemed quite similar which eases my anxiety . We made some small talk and then got down to business. One of the first things that Tom wanted to talk about was compensation. I told him that at this point I wasn’t worried about getting paid and that I just wanted to work together some and see how things go. Another topic on his mind was one of his demo’s that I work on and sent back to him. He explained that he didn’t feel that I was a good match for the song because it was the saddist song that he had ever wrote and felt that with my upbeat personality, I wouldn’t be able to get the feeling he was looking for . I had absolutely no problem with this. Music can be very personal and even more so from the creator of the song. It’s very important to me that I convey his music how he intended it to be heard. I definitely appreciated and respected his honesty.

2/11/12 – Update coming soon.

Looking forward to the next one,

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