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Archive for December, 2011

Gig #25 – the Log Jam in Grand Ledge

Gig #25


Gig #25 Log Jam  (Grand  Ledge)

The Gig:

This was my second scheduled gig at the Log Jam since I started Tim’s 52 gigs. I was quite excited when I received a call from the owner of the Log Jam asking me back to do another gig.

 As I set up my equipment the dinner crowd was thinning out until only a hand full of patrons remained in the bar area. It was about 10 minutes before I was scheduled to go on when I stepped outside to make a quick call my wife Kim.  As I started to dial I saw a familiar face walking my way.  It was Cherelyn, a longtime friend of mine and Kim’s.  Cherelyn resides and Florida and was up to the area to be with family and friends for the holidays.  She said she saw my gig advertised in the local paper as the entertainment for the evening at the Log Jam and wanted to come and see us and check out my show.

 I started my first set with the audience consisting of Cherelyn, my buddy Tom and his wife and a guy watching. The owner of the Bar gave me the option wait until more people arrived.  I thanked him but wanted to get the show rolling.  Besides, it is easier to play in front of a larger, louder crowd then it is four people so I welcomed the challenge as a growing experience.  Shortly thereafter my wife, mother, sister and her boyfriend arrived.  Yes, even my mom was out to see me for the first time publicly since I started the 52 gigs thing. By the end of the first set several more people and friends had shown up and the night was off.

The Lesson Learned:

This really wouldn’t be considered a lesson, but I’ve been learning how to be more organized while setting up my equipment.  Again this topic may be rather boring to the non-performer but us newbies, we have all this stuff to work out including setup.

The weather was cold so I warmed my truck a bit before I packed my guitar in. Then once at the gig, my guitar was in the door and case opened up a few minutes after that (I’m sure that there is a much more technical way to explain the proper way to introduce your ax to the ambient surroundings – maybe another topic for another day).  Next I surveyed the scene and decided where I wanted to set up my speakers.  From there I brought in my speaker stands and set them up followed by speaker which I promptly mounted on the stands. My amp and mic stand followed, set in their approximate home for the evening.  From there it just cables and power.  Most of the earlier gigs, I just brought in all my stuff and then had to rearrange all once in the door.  Why do  things twice if you don’t have to.

The Music:

I started at 9:00 and played until almost 1:00.  It was a 9-12 gig but I had a lot of supporters show up after 11:00 so I wanted to keep things going a bit longer which is good for business.

 I added some new songs to the mix including an older Sammy John’s song “Chevy Van”, Long Haired Country Boy by Charlie Daniels, Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” and “Shanty” by Jonathan Edwards.

 The sound was good judging by the compliments from that evening and few that lingered in over the next few days.

 My buddy Tom and his wife did a song by the Grateful Dead during my last break – nice work guys!!!!

To see a listing of all the songs I perform up to this point (list is growing) please visit www.timheenan.com.  I’m setting up this site to succeed this project.

Special thanks to:

  • To my mom for telling me no matter what, that I’m great!!
  • To all my friends and family that came out to support me
  •  Everybody else that have been supporting my along the way – Thank you so much!!

 Looking forward to the next one,