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Gig #24 Waltz On Inn (Portland MI)

Gig #24
Gig #24 Waltz On Inn (Portland MI)

The Gig:
A couple of months ago I did a gig at Waltz on Inn in Portland for “Gig #16, Tim and Cindy’s 25th Wedding Anniversary.” A few of their patrons and the bar tender (Lori) heard me perform. Lori emailed me a couple weeks ago and asked me to call Walt, the owner, about doing a gig at his bar, so I called and talked to Walt. He said that he had heard some good things about me and wanted to book me for some dates through April. Because I’m still undecided how much time I can afford to put into Tim’s 52 gigs, I suggested that we just book one gig at this time to see how it goes.

The gig went well. My nerves were so relaxed that I only ran my fan during the first set to keep me cool. One of the patrons asked if he could play a few songs. I told him that it was fine with me as long as it was ok with the boss. He played during both of my breaks. The bar was pretty quiet. I’ve never been to Waltz on a Friday evening before, and also the final game of the World Series was on so that may a kept the attendance down as well. But I still had a good time, gained more experience and exposure.

The Lesson Learned:
The only thing that sticks out in my mind is that when I set my equipment up this time, I was very organized and it seemed almost effortless. After my last gig I carefully wrap up all my cables so that they wouldn’t get twisted up the next time I pulled them out. I also piled them in my gear case in such order that they would come out in the order that I needed them instead of just pulling all my stuff out and throwing it on the floor then having to sort through it. This along with gaining more experience and getting a better plan on the order to set up my equipment eased the set portion of the gig.

Another thing, I loaded most of my gear up in my truck a couple hours before I had to leave with the exception of my guitar. It was cold out and I didn’t want it to get cold in my truck and then bring it into a warm environment. Now, I’m far from an expert in the proper techniques to get the best life out of a guitar is by keeping it in a controlled ambient environment . I do know that the wood in the guitar moves a lot with temperature so allowing the guitar to get cold, bring it back into a warm environment, and expecting it to stay in tune is ludacris. I then took a nap, showered, dressed and hit the road. As I was driving I was reviewing the next sequence of events that needed to take place before I could turn the power on and strum a chord, including plugging in my guitar which would have been impossible because it was at home in the spare bedroom – oops (dumb ass), Had to turn around and head back home to get it.

One more thing; I’ve learned that when it comes to setting up, get your guitar in first and open up the case or better yet, get it set up in your guitar stand so that it can start getting acclimated to environment in which you are going to be playing. This is because as I explained above – you’ll have a lot better chance keeping your guitar in tune if the wood has quit moving.

The Music:
I played about 3 ½ hours, about 50 songs with two breaks. Most of the songs that I played are listed under the “Set List” tag at www.timheenan.com.
I play quite a wide variation of songs and it seems that sooner or later I get a thumbs up from most everybody that is paying any attention, although I feel that in some scenarios I need more upbeat material, so lately I’ve committed to only learn songs of this type. I think that if I had my choice, I would prefer to play more event type gigs and most of the mellower music would be desirable. But if I had a crystal ball I’m guessing that at this point in the game I will be getting the majority of my experience in bars which may be equally as fun.

Special thanks to:
• Tim, Cindy, Lori and any other patrons of Waltz that gave me the thumbs up to Walt, which landed this gig for me.
• Allen & Andrea and Jeff & Amy for making the trip out to Portland to support me.

Looking forward to the next one,

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