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Gig #23 The Log Jam

Gig #23
Gig #23 The Log Jam (Grand Ledge Mi

The Gig:
How did I get this gig? I had a flyer up on the bulletin board at the Log Jam advertising “Free Singer/Guitar Play for your Event” Tim and Cindy from (Gig #16 Tim and Cindy’s 25th Wedding Anniversary) took note of my posting and went into the Log Jam to ask the owner (Chris) if he knew of me. Chris knew me from the 3 or 4 times that I’ve play at his establishment during Chip Christy’s breaks and he must have approved of my performance because he gave them the thumbs up. So Tim and Cindy booked me for their celebration. But before this gig, Cindy and Tim wanted to meet me, so we agreed to meet at the Log Jam. I saw Chris and told him that I was here to meet up with them, he told me that he wanted me to look him up before I left, which I did and we scheduled Gig #23.
Thanks to a lot of good friends and some of their friends, we figured that I brought in about 50 people to the bar. Hopefully that’s good enough to get an invitation to come back – time will tell

The Lesson Learned:
Practice, practice, practice or better yet, gig, gig, gig. I don’t know if you can over learn a song. The MSU football game was playing on the TV in the bar just over my left shoulder, so there was a lot of yelling, kicking and cheering going on all while I was playing, but I didn’t find this the least bit distracting. I think that this is because I’ve played some of these songs so many times that I can almost carry on a conversation while strumming the chords to them. And just as important is the confidence that I have built so far from forcing myself to do theses gigs back to back has eased my nerves so I don’t get distracted as easily as I did at first and start screwing up.

The Music:
I played about 3 ½ hours, about 50 songs with two breaks. Most of the songs that I played are listed under the “Set List” tag at www.timheenan.com.
To see some video’s from this gig please click on the “Video Gallery” tag and navigate to Gig # 23

Special thanks to:
• Chris at the Log Jam – I appreciate the opportunity to play.
• All my friends who came out to support me and the new friends I met.
• To Harv for videotaping my performance.

Looking forward to the next one,

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