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Gig #22, Chris & Kathleen’s Twin’s Baptism & Adoption Celebration

Gig #22

The Gig:
Kathleen found me through Craig’s List. She emailed me and explained that they were hosting a party to celebrate the baptism and recent adoption of their 16 month old twin boys that they have been foster parenting since they were six weeks old and wondered if I would come out and play. I initially declined because I thought that we were going to be out of town but those plans fell though so I happily accepted. I emailed my set list to Kathleen so she could help select the songs that she felt would be best for their party. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t sing anything that they might find distasteful for the event. With my set list tweaked, the gig was booked. The gig was at St. Peter’s Hall in Eaton Rapids.

The Lesson Learned:
Not necessarily a new lesson learned, but even though it was a cool day and guessing that the heat had probably already been turned on for the season, I brought a fan. I’m glad I did – I was right.

The Music:
I arrived and was ready to play on time but Kathleen said that before I even arrive that the crowd was starting to thin out. So I set up as fast as I could (again the fan thing came in handy) and started playing. I think I played for about an hour and a half straight through with no break. I only set up one speaker somewhat behind me which was sufficient so I could hear myself. I thought the sound was good and received a lot of nice comments on the tone of my voice.

It was a nice gig. Again, yes I gained more experience as a performer but I was also treated to an experience as well. That was to meet Kathleen and Chris. Obviously, two kind souls who adopted these twins, which grew their already family of five to a loving family of SEVEN. God bless you both.

Special thanks to:
• Kathleen and Chris for unselfishly opening up their arms and hearts to welcome and join these two beautiful boys with their family.

Looking forward to the next one,

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