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Gig #21 Nixon Hills Subdivision Annual Block Party

The Gig:
This gig was easy to get. We live in this subdivision…or if you’re a critic (Jeff A) I’m not in the subdivision, I’m on the edge of it, anyway, glad to do it. The road was blocked off. We had a kids bike parade, kids games, food, friends and then an adult afterglow party later in the evening. I set up a tailgate tent as my stage, set up my gear and starting playing

The Lesson Learned:
This was the first time I put my new equipment to the test outside. I had one speaker on a stand centered at about 6ft high and pointed it in the direction of the games being played in the back yard of the house, I was set up in the front. I set the other speaker at about 5 feet high and directed the sound about 90 degrees from the other one. I did a sound check and got signal from a couple of friends to turn it up until they gave the green light. From the comments I received, the sound was crisp and clean all the way to the back yard (about 70 yards). That was great to hear. My intention when I purchased these speakers was to buy enough power and quality to do gigs outside, so this was great news.

A lesson I had learned before but was reiterated to me again on this gig is I may have played a little too hard the night before which did take a toll on the quality of my performance. Some people are slow learners.

The Music:
I played about 3 hours with 2 breaks with no repeats.
I’ve been adding new songs to my repertoire and try to work them in when I can and to work on polishing them up. What I’m saying is that I’m not waiting until I have them flawlessly before I perform them. Performing solo is so impromptu any way that nobody hardly notices or cares if you take the song in a little different direction.

Special thanks to:
• To my buddy Jeff for coming up with the idea that if the Afterglow gig doesn’t work then just do the day party.
• To everyone who worked to put this party together.
• Kristen for the great pictures ( to see more pictures, click on the Photo Album tab and then Gig #21).

Looking forward to the next one,

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