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Gig #19 Green Acres of Mason

Gig #19
Gig #19 Green Acres of Mason

The Gig:
Green Acres of Mason as an assisted living facility. The Life Enrichment Coordinator (Sarah) contacted me and said that she had found my listing on Craig’s list and asked me to come out and play for the residence. I explained that I didn’t know any of the old standards but would be happy to come out and play and suggested that she may want to check out my website to look at my set list and listen to some videos to see if I fit the bill. She responded that she had and if I put together a set list similar to the gig I did at the Origami Brain Injury Rehab that would be fine.
So the gig was booked.

The Lesson Learned :
I don’t think I had a lesson learned on this one to write about. I set up with one speaker, kept the volume low and things seemed to go pretty good. I made sure to learn most everybody’s name as they came in and we shared a little conversation.

The Music:
I kept it all mellow. I found that even the mellow songs that I sing had some lyrics that I felt may have not been fitting for this gig. I thought to myself as I was playing, that even the words to The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald and Cats in the Cradle may be reminding these ladies of their husbands or sons or maybe a time of better or more fulfilling days and songs like The Life by Kenny Chesney or Pirates Look at 40 by Jimmy Buffet talk about drinking. I don’t know, I may very well be wrong with my one sided perception.
One of the ladies told me that see had birthday today so my last song was Happy Birthday which I was honored to do. And another brought me some cookies form her room to share with me and others, so I think see was enjoyed the evening’s entertainment.

Special thanks to:
• To Sarah at Green Acres for giving me the opportunity to play and sing.

Looking forward to the next one,

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