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Gig #17 Crystal Lake Crew Golf Gathering

Gig #17
Gig #17 Crystal Lake Crew Golf Gathering

The Gig:
My buddy Jeff asked me if I would come to Crystal Lake and do this gig, I gladly accepted. From my understanding this is an annual event.

I arrived about 7:30 and we scouted out the best place for me to set up. The home owner had a great set up. There was a large concrete driveway that led up to a pole barn. This barn was more like an extension of a house that a barn. It was all set up for the annual event including a big screen for those interested in the game. I set up just inside the main door facing out to the large concrete pad where the families started to congregate with lawn chairs and a couple picnic tables. Basically I was on the stage and they all gathered as an audience, and a great audience they were. For the next 2 ½ hours or so I played and sang while most everybody was getting involved by singing, dancing, clapping, shaking the shakers I brought or all of the above. On my break quite a few people came up to talk. I thanked them for being such an attentive audience and suggested that they just do whatever they do and I’ll be the back ground entertainment. They explained that they doing exactly what they wanted to do and they were having a great time. The feeling was mutual.

I had a few (for lack of a better term) warm and fuzzy feelings that came over me that evening. I think that they were moments of pure satisfaction. This is kind of hard to explain. For such a long time, I’ve longed for the day that I could do this. For me music has always been so powerful. No matter what is going on in your life, hearing just the right song or even the hearing and feeling the music can be so moving. On this night everything I had fantasized about gigging seemed to fall in place. The sound was good, the weather was soothing, I was confident rather than frightened and everybody seemed to be taken away for a while on the journey of music. That’s my dream

The Lesson Learned :
I thought I was going to be playing in the pole barn where the sound bounced off the walls quite a bit so I only pulled one speaker out of my truck to set up. Then before I set up we decided to move my equipment to the location that I explained above. As the night went on, I was asked to turn up the volume a few times which I happily did. I should have set up the other speaker and positioned it outside the barn to fill the sound a bit.

The Music:
I played two long sets and added in a few new songs. Keith Urban’s Jeans On, Running Blind and A lot of leavin left to do. I even flirted with Riding the Storm Out.

Special thanks to:
• Jeff for the invite and his unconditional friendship.
• And to my new friends up at Crystal that made me feel so welcome and appreciated.

Looking forward to the next one,

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