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Gig #16, Tim & Cindy’s 25th Wedding Anniversary

Gig #16
Gig #16 Tim & Cindy’s 25th Wedding Anniversary

The Gig:
Tim and Cindy saw my “Free Guitar Player / Singer” flyer posted on the bulletin board in the entry way of the Log Jam in Grand Ledge. They went in and asked the owner (Chris) if he knew of me. Chris gave them the thumbs up.
The Party was at Waltz On Inn in Portland.
I arrived at 8:00, met the bartender (Lori) and brought my gear in. This was the first time sense I started tims52gigs that I basically had my own bar gig. I was pretty nerves during the hours leading up to this one. I set up my gear. The bar was pretty good size, so I was able to crank up the volume on my P. A. more than I had in the past. I pull my mic stand and guitar out in front of the speakers about 15 feet and checked the sound. With the exception of no sound being amplified from my low E string (I’ll cover this under “The Lesson Learned” below), again I was happy with sound of my new Alto speakers.

The Lesson Learned:
As I mentioned above, during my sound check the transducer that lies under the bridge of my guitar wasn’t amplifying the low E string on my guitar. I had changed strings a few days earlier and never plugged my guitar until this gig. So I played the whole evening with no low E string.
For guitar enthusiast only;
A few days later I investigated. I loosened up all of my strings so I could remove all the bridge pins leaving the string attached at the tuning pegs. I lifted out the saddle and the transducer. I made sure that nothing was in the way hanging up ether of these parts. I reinstalled both the transducer and saddle and made sure they were seated properly. Next I strung up the E, A & D strings – still nothing. I found that if I tuned the E string up a bit more, thus putting more pressure on the saddle that the sound would start to amplify. I took the E string off and replaced it with a used one that I carry in my case, and the problem was cured. Evidently there wasn’t enough flexibility in the string winding were it meets the bridge. I’m not sure what to think about this. The strings that I’m using are in my opinion the best sounding for my guitar and I think the most expensive string available.

The Music:
I played 3 sets, so I had about 3hrs of play time with 2 breaks. I played Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd for the first time publicly.
I received several nice complements and a nice email from a fellow guitar player that I met at this gig.
I haven’t posted a recent set list lately so I’ll do so below.

Special thanks to:
• Tim and Cindy for inviting me do be their entertainment during their celebration. It was a good experience for me. I learned a lot.

Looking forward to the next one,

Set #1 Set #2 Set #3 1/2 step down

Come Monday – open All Along the Watch Tower -  Every Rose
3 AM open Pink Houses
Peaceful Easy- Feeling Margaritaville- You and Tequila
People Are Crazy – 3rd Edmund Fitzgerald – 2nd Cross Roads
Rhiannon Norwegian Wood -  Sweet Melissa
Old Blue Chair – open Volcano -  Wish you Were Here – open
Rain on the Scarecrow – open It Don’t Matter to the Sun
The Life Small town Saturday Night –  Brown Eyed Girl
To Find Love -  Pirates Look at 40

Toes – 2nd Fire and Rain – Cats in the Cradle -  Turn the Page -  Jeans On

This Old Guitar – open Lot of Leavin’ left to do – 2nd
What was I Thinkin’ -  Ten with A Two – 1st
What do you want – 4th
Small Town – 2nd

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