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Gig #15, HNI Risk Services of Michigan

Gig #15


Gig #15  HNI Risk Services of Michigan                                          

The Gig:

A friend of mine (Randy) is a partner with HNI and asked me to play during a gathering that they were hosting in their office. They had me set up in a corner of a large room.

This was the first gig that I was able to use my new PA system that I previously purchased. I had decided that I was only going to bring and set up one speaker which was adequate for this size venue.  It took me about an hour to haul in the gear, set up and test the sound.

I have to give a shout out to Nate from Guitar Center in Grand Rapids MI.  I had shopped around a bit before I went to Guitar Center.  Nate helped me and took time to let me listen to several different speakers before deciding on a newer brand called Alto Professional out of Italy.  I bought a pair of the TS115A Truesonic and so far I’m extremely pleased with the sound.  I’m glad I went with the 15 inch speakers because if feel that it really keeps the vocal rich and with the compression feature on my Yamaha MG82cx mixer (that Nate recommended for my one man band situation) this PA sounds great.  When I declined to make the purchase the first day I came into the store, Nate asked if he could put together a package price including a pair of heavy duty speakers stands and email it to me. I gladly accepted and appreciated his efforts to make the sale.  I could go on and on about the value of good customer service but I’ll save that for another bog, another day.

The Lesson Learned:

I set up the speaker directly behind me. I started out with the volume set quite low. As more and more people came I had to turn the volume up a couple times just so I could hear myself.  I found that as I did this I also had to adjust other levels on the mixer such as the level of the effects on the guitar and mic.  I think it sounded pretty good, but it is just going to take more gigs and more experiences to hone my mixing skills.

The Music:

I played 2 hours and 20 minutes with one 15 minute break.  Near the end of the gig I played a few songs over that I played during the beginning of the first set.  I have enough material to play about 3 hours but some of what I had left on my list of songs would not have been a good choice for this environment.  Not because of the content but because this was a professional gathering not a loud rock concert.

Special thanks to:

  • Randy and the rest of the staff at HNI for the opportune to play.
  • Nate at Guitar Center in Grand Rapids Mi. for his courteous assistance while I was shopping for my PA system. I called Nate several times about details before I made the purchase.  I was probably a pain in the butt.  Nate was always courteous and helpful and that attitude clinched the deal.


Looking forward to the next one,


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