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Gig #12, Joe and Marilyn’s Retirement Party

Gig #12
Gig #12, Joe and Marilyn’s Retirement Party
The Gig:
I met Joe and Marilyn at gig #6 (Dave and Deb’s barbeque). Joe retired about a year ago and Marilyn’s last day was two weeks ago. This bash was located at their home out in the country. The setting was absolutely beautiful. Joe had me set up on a raised covered deck off the side door of their home. Again, I had the best seat in the house. The view to my left was overlooking their beautiful back yard and just beyond that, a meandering creek. In front of me and to my right, a lot of good looking happy people.

The Lesson Learned:
I had a lot of feedback issues. My amp has a second speaker that is positioned to give a surround sound type of effect. This speaker was pointed right at me and I think may have been the main cause of the problem. Also, I had to crank the volume up most of the way to get the sound out. But Kim told me that it wasn’t noticeable to the crowd.

I’m getting really close to making the move to purchase a better PA system which will hopefully help with this issue. Then I can put the speakers in front of me and use a monitor.

The Music:
All in all, from the comments that I received the sound must have been ok. I got a lot of nice comments on the music. I played for about 3 hours with two breaks. I put together set lists to keep me on track. Each set had about 13 songs. I kept the first set on the mellower side, the 2nd set I picked up a little and on the 3rd set I tuned down half a step and rocked it out a little more.

The experience:
Again, another great experience with great people. During the second break, 5 of us jumped in my truck and my buddy Dave directed me down the driveway to the street, a quick right then another quick right and we headed down a two track next to a hay field. About half mile back where the field meets the woods sits a beautiful log cabin that Joe, Dave and a few others built. I posted a few pics of the cabin.

At the end of the gig, Joe said he has a CD that he wanted me to hear a few songs off of. Joe unwrapped a new CD by one of his favorite bands “New Third Coast” a band out of Michigan that he met while visiting Beaver Island. The name of the CD is called Somebody Lived Here. So we headed off to his back patio to listen. He played track 10. Captain McSorley . Captain McSorley was the captain of the Edmund Fitzgerald; then track 11 titled The Old Way – both great songs. We headed back up to the party. Joe pulled the CD out of the player, put it back in the case and handed it to me and told me he was giving this copy to me. Thanks so much for sharing. Kim and I listened to more of the CD on the way home. We had a blast at the party. Happy retirement to Joe and Marilyn!
See all the pictures under the Photo Album tab/gig #12

Special thanks to:
• Kim and Harv for taking the video’s and pictures
• Joe and Marilyn for inviting me to take part in their celebration and sharing one of Joe’s favorite artists with me, the band: New Third Coast.

Looking forward to the next one,

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