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Gig #10, Impromptu Jim and Bev’s Pontoon Gig

Gig #10


Gig #12, Impromptu Jim and Bev’s Pontoon Gig

The Gig:

 On an early Sunday evening, my friends Jim & Bev came from across the lake on their pontoon for a visit.  They had two or three other couples with them.  My wife Kim and I met them on the dock for drinks and conversation.  At some point Phil (Phil and Jill are new friends and neighbors from across the lake) mentioned that he had tickets to see Jimmy Buffet in concert. That was all the opening that I needed.  I went and got my guitar, came back down on the dock and started playing Come Monday by J. B. The applause lead into song two, song three and I was off.  Dave said that we needed to head back to his side of the lake to pick up his wife Abby, so Kim and I jumped on the boat with them.  Jim set us on course and at idle speed we headed across the lake and picked up Abbie.  At some point when Dave was pushing us back out from the dock, he fell in. Of course we all loved it. He got into dry cloths and we headed out on the lake again, the whole time laughing and singing along the way. 

 I just have to add one more funny point even though it’s not about guitar playing but was part of the experience.  We ended up back down at our dock.  I made a fire then kept the music going.  Most everybody stayed on the boat including Dave, who somehow managed to maneuver to the back were the ladder is located for swimmers use while getting in and out of the lake. I have a feeling I know what he was dong back there, but I don’t know why he fell in…..again.

I may have to change his name for the blog, we’ll see what he says.

The Lesson Learned

To put a tether on Dave

The Music:

Most of the usual (as listed on prior blogs) and few more that I’ve pulled out of the old song book and polishing up a bit; Running Blind, Ever Rose, Sweet Melissa

The experience:

It’s always an experience up at Long Lake in central Michigan.


Special thanks to:

  • Dave for falling off the boat twice.


 Looking forward to the next one,


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