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Gig #9, Eric’s Homecoming Open House

Gig #9
Eric’s Homecoming Open House, Grand Ledge MI

The Gig:
Eric is the son of good friends, Judy and Harv. Eric has recently graduated from
U. S. Army Basic Training and is home for a short stint before he is deployed. The gig was at his parents’ house and I was set up in the garage where the tables had been set up for guest to eat and hang out.

The Lesson Learned – Repetition sooths the nerves
I think I made it through 8 or 9 songs before I felt any of the nervous sweat run down my forehead. I thought this was pretty good considering there was only about 4 or 5 feet between me and the closest person seated. Even though I knew at least half of the people there, one would think that this would take some of the pressure off but I’ve found that it may make it even worse. I’m not sure why that is, but sometimes it is easier to perform in front of strangers than it is in front of family or friends. But now to contradict myself, it may be, as time has gone by and that several of my friends have been at my gigs supporting me (including this open house) that I’m no longer fearing judgment in front of my most important critics.

The Music:
The sound was good at the low volume required for this size room. I just needed enough power to blend in with the socializing between guests. Many times in the past I’ve played in spaces about the same size without any amplification. Although still a good time, it is a struggle to play and sing loud enough to even hear yourself. This of course then stains the vocal cords and compromises the quality of the guitar and voice.

Special thanks to:
• Harv for taking the video’s and pictures
• Judy and Harv for inviting me to take part in their celebration.
• Eric for his service. Be safe my friend – We’ll do it again when you get back.

Looking forward to the next one,

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