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Gig #8, The Log Jam in Grand Ledge MI

Gig #8
Log jam, Grand Ledge MI

The Gig:
Local musician Chip Christy invited me to play during his breaks. This consisted of 2 sets approximately 20 minutes each which is about enough time to play 6 songs per set.

The Lesson Learned – My voice was horse before I even started:
Earlier in the day, my wife and I and 3 other couples went to a beer tent at a festival a few miles down the road. About 40 minutes into our stay one of the guy’s eyes started getting red and irritated, then another guy and them me; more than likely it was some sort of pollen. We hung out for an hour or so then left. Everybody’s reaction pretty much cleared up except I was left with a low gravely voice that I just couldn’t get rid of. Another possibility and possibly more likely? At the beer tent the music was pretty loud and you would pretty much have to yell to have conversation. I’ve been in this type of situation before and attempted to play and sing and I’ve a similar problems. But regardless, I just picked songs that were in lower register. This would have been a problem if I was doing a whole gig. One more thing that did seem to help, my buddy Doctor Dave suggested tea and honey. The bar didn’t have any honey but just the tea along seemed to help.

The Music:
The sound was good. My buddy Gary gave me the slow-down signal a couple of times and I needed it. For some reason, I always seem to speed up during the songs. I think this is a common problem, but one must be mindful of it to conquer it – Thanks Gary
The set list consisted of about 12 songs from my previous postings.

Special thanks to:
• Chip Christy for giving me another opportunity to hone my skills
• Friends and family that came out to support me. I counted something like 28 people. It means a lot to me and definitely helps me keep rolling (many of them are in pictures that I’ve posted under the Photo Album/Gig #8 tab)
• Harv for taking the video’s
• My wife Kim for taking the pictures
• Tom Moore for his continued support and the man behind this blog

Looking forward to the next one,

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