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Gig #5 Hope Network – Mini Concert, East Landing Mi

Gig #5
Hope Network Rehabilitation Center, East Lansing MI
This gig was like a mini concert. I played for a small group of about 20 people for about 1hr and 15 mins. There wasn’t a PA to play through so I brought my own equipment which consisted of a Fender Combo Acoustisonic and a Shure Beta 5 microphone. I arrive about a half hour early to set up. I thought that it would take a while to get the sound adjusted because I had envisioned that the room I would be playing in would have carpet and acoustical ceiling tile. I was wrong, the room had a solid floor and a drywall vaulted ceiling. I fired up my gear and both guitar and vocals sounded great right off the bat.
This was the first time ever that I’ve played for people that gathered just to listen and watch me rather than mingling amongst themselves at a party or bar. Just the thought of this kept my nerves on edge the past week. I was excited to get this experience and to get this one under my belt knowing that any gigs from here on out where I’m not the center of attention would be that much easier or a least not as nerve racking.
Everything went pretty well. I massacred one song called Boats by Kenny Chesney. Twice I forgot how to play the song. I kept getting it confused with another song that I’ve recently learned. Oh well, that’s why I’m out here doing the 52 gigs thing, to get experience. The residence seemed to enjoy the entertainment and even sang along on a few songs. After I finished several people came up, introduced themselves and thanked me for coming out.
I feel good knowing that I brought something to these kind people that for a short time took them away from their daily struggles. I hope to go back and play for them again. To bring them the power of music.

Looking forward to the next one,

Set List
• The Life
• Margaritaville
• Come Monday
• Volcano
• People Are Crazy
• Norwegian Wood
• What Do you want
• If tomorrow Never Comes
• Peaceful Easy Feeling
• Boats
• Small Town
• 3 AM
• Land Slide
• Original – End Of The Tunnel
• Original – To Find Love

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