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Gig #4 Rum Runners Open Mic, Lansing Mi

Gig #4
Rum Runners – Open Mic Night, Lansing MI
This was an Open Mic Night. There is normally a host band or just a guitar player/singer.
Tonight’s open mic was hosted by Dan and the sound was mixed by Tim. The open mic was supposed to start at 8:00 pm. I think it started about 8:30. After the host played a few songs, I was up. Other than staff, I played to about 5 patrons and a few more came in before I was finished. The sound was awesome. They had a monitor speaker or speakers that sounded great and a fan that would turn on and off by itself to keep the performer cool. This was the first time I’ve played with a monitored speaker. For those of you reading that are not familiar with a monitor, it is a speaker that is pointed directly at the performer so that he can hear himself play and or sing so he can blend yourself in with the rest of the band or just his instrument as I was doing. Sometimes without a monitor speaker it can be quite difficult to hear yourself and in my opinion makes it harder to perform. On the first two songs Dan played along with me on drums. The rest of the songs I played by myself. Dan let me play as long as I wanted because I was the only one on the list. I took advantage and played 7 or 8 songs.
After I was finished Dan came back up and kept the show going. Over the next half hour, more and more people were coming in and getting signed up to perform but this was a school night for me so I had to go before the others got up.
I enjoyed talking with Tim, Dan and the staff, they were all very kind. I will be back.
Looking forward to the next one,

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