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Archive for May, 2011

Gig #6 D & D’s Barbeque

5/21/11   Gig #6

D & D’s Barbeque, Grand Ledge MI
WOW – I don’t know how else to start. Thoughtfulness and pure kindness seemed to be the theme of the evening.

This gig was a party at some friend’s house. The deck was all decked-out with a canopy, white linen table cloths, party lighting and great people. Before the gig, everybody was mingling, having a few hors d’oeuvres and drinks. So, I’m chatting, talking like I always do, when this gentlemen comes out of the house thru the sliding glass door wearing a green T-shirt that says tim52gigs on it.

What the hell? Then someone else cames out, and then another and another until everybody at the party was wearing a tims52gigs T-shirt. I WAS BLOWN AWAY! They gave me one too. Really, I was blown away. Next I’m thinking “how am I going to live up this” man the pressures on now. We had dinner then I was up.

I retrieved my equipment from the car and started to set up. A few people suggested that I try playing and singing unplugged. I did and before I could finish the first song, Dave was plugging in an extension cord so I could power up. I sang 9 or 10 songs while most everybody politely listened and watched (too kind) which of course kept the pressure on, but that was all right. After all, that is part of the reason for tims52gigs in the first place. I took a break and returned after about 20 minutes. As you will see under the Video Gallery/Gig #6 videos tab, everybody started to loosen up, including me. I made mistakes, recovered, made a few quick one liners and had a great time. I sang at least 14-15 more songs then sat down with the group and played unplugged for a while (see” Unplugged, Your Mamma Don’t Dance under the Video’s Gallery tab/ Gig #6 to watch)

I deeply appreciate the opportunity to perform at this venue (my friends Dave and Deb). My wife and friends are the best. All of your kindness cherished.

My buddy Tom couldn’t make this one, so my homie Harv did the work– thanks for all the video’s and pictures bud, I appreciate it.
Looking forward to the next one,

Set List
• To long to list – please watch the video’s

Gig #5 Hope Network – Mini Concert, East Landing Mi

Gig #5
Hope Network Rehabilitation Center, East Lansing MI
This gig was like a mini concert. I played for a small group of about 20 people for about 1hr and 15 mins. There wasn’t a PA to play through so I brought my own equipment which consisted of a Fender Combo Acoustisonic and a Shure Beta 5 microphone. I arrive about a half hour early to set up. I thought that it would take a while to get the sound adjusted because I had envisioned that the room I would be playing in would have carpet and acoustical ceiling tile. I was wrong, the room had a solid floor and a drywall vaulted ceiling. I fired up my gear and both guitar and vocals sounded great right off the bat.
This was the first time ever that I’ve played for people that gathered just to listen and watch me rather than mingling amongst themselves at a party or bar. Just the thought of this kept my nerves on edge the past week. I was excited to get this experience and to get this one under my belt knowing that any gigs from here on out where I’m not the center of attention would be that much easier or a least not as nerve racking.
Everything went pretty well. I massacred one song called Boats by Kenny Chesney. Twice I forgot how to play the song. I kept getting it confused with another song that I’ve recently learned. Oh well, that’s why I’m out here doing the 52 gigs thing, to get experience. The residence seemed to enjoy the entertainment and even sang along on a few songs. After I finished several people came up, introduced themselves and thanked me for coming out.
I feel good knowing that I brought something to these kind people that for a short time took them away from their daily struggles. I hope to go back and play for them again. To bring them the power of music.

Looking forward to the next one,

Set List
• The Life
• Margaritaville
• Come Monday
• Volcano
• People Are Crazy
• Norwegian Wood
• What Do you want
• If tomorrow Never Comes
• Peaceful Easy Feeling
• Boats
• Small Town
• 3 AM
• Land Slide
• Original – End Of The Tunnel
• Original – To Find Love

Gig #4 Rum Runners Open Mic, Lansing Mi

Gig #4
Rum Runners – Open Mic Night, Lansing MI
This was an Open Mic Night. There is normally a host band or just a guitar player/singer.
Tonight’s open mic was hosted by Dan and the sound was mixed by Tim. The open mic was supposed to start at 8:00 pm. I think it started about 8:30. After the host played a few songs, I was up. Other than staff, I played to about 5 patrons and a few more came in before I was finished. The sound was awesome. They had a monitor speaker or speakers that sounded great and a fan that would turn on and off by itself to keep the performer cool. This was the first time I’ve played with a monitored speaker. For those of you reading that are not familiar with a monitor, it is a speaker that is pointed directly at the performer so that he can hear himself play and or sing so he can blend yourself in with the rest of the band or just his instrument as I was doing. Sometimes without a monitor speaker it can be quite difficult to hear yourself and in my opinion makes it harder to perform. On the first two songs Dan played along with me on drums. The rest of the songs I played by myself. Dan let me play as long as I wanted because I was the only one on the list. I took advantage and played 7 or 8 songs.
After I was finished Dan came back up and kept the show going. Over the next half hour, more and more people were coming in and getting signed up to perform but this was a school night for me so I had to go before the others got up.
I enjoyed talking with Tim, Dan and the staff, they were all very kind. I will be back.
Looking forward to the next one,