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Gig#3 Michigan Brewing Co, Lansing Mi

The Michigan Brewing Company in Lansing, MI
This was an Open Mic Night. There is normally a host band or just a guitar player/singer.
I’m not sure where to start. Kim and I picked up neighbors Judy and Harv and headed for the gig. My buddy Tom was already there. Sitting with him was my old buddy Chris and a couple of his friends. Chris has jammed with Tom and I from time to time over the years. Chris is an excellent guitar player both acoustic and electric and can really tear it up playing the blues. To see Chris in action, navigate to the Gig #3 videos tab and catch Chris in action at this gig. Chris also plays drums and a little later in the night he did just that during my Jam. Our friends Tami and Sue also came out to cheer me on.
My intention was to get to this gig early, do my 4 or 5 songs then maybe a beer and hit the road but it didn’t quite go down that way. It was finally my turn at the start of the 3rd set. The drummer Wayne let Chris take over the drums for most of my set. Kerry was on bass, two guys on harmonica, a guy on trumpet and a guy on electric guitar. I started out at the mic saying “how can I follow the previous acts and proceeded to drop down to my knees in the middle of the floor, leaned way back like I was tearing up a lick. I received a lot of laughs and lot of people took pictures. Check out Gig #3 video titled Jamming on the floor stunt for the show. I started out with Brown Eyed Girl. The amp I was playing through was far from ideal to play an acoustic guitar through and it was very difficult to hear myself over the drums and bass. I’m not complaining, just trying to keep it real explaining my experience. Everything lyrically was good except for my inability to hit the high note. 
I had been trying to work it out this past week but blew it. Kerry signaled me to hand off the lead to the other players like you would do on a blues jam, which I did. Everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves. We played Margaritaville and The Life next. I found out that The Life is not a good song for a jam band. I had my suspicions before we started and not sure why I started playing this one. I’m guessing because I knew the words well and can play it under just about any pressure. Over the last several days I had practiced songs that I thought would sound good for this type of open mic but opted out of playing them because there wasn’t anywhere to put my book with the words in case I were to stumble up.
After my 4 songs, Kerry asked me to stay up and play a few more which I reluctantly did. Reluctantly because I was struggling with my inexperience of this moment.
All and all, it was good. Good to be there with friends, good to work through the unfamiliar and good to be playing.
Looking forward to the next one,

Set List
The Life
Brown eyed Girl

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