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Gig #1 The Log Jam, Grand Ledge Mi

Chip Christy allowed me to play on his breaks. The first song I played was Come Monday by Jimmy Buffett. I was more nervous than usual for some reason. I think maybe it was because in my head I knew I was kicking off this project and that alone could have been the problem or maybe it was because I only had half a beer when normally I would have thrown back a few by the time I was up. I had recently read that dehydration is hell on the vocal cords, so alcohol is a singers enemy because it dries up the vocal cords, but so are nerves. So the lesson learned is that it may be good for me to have one or two to calm the nerves depending on the gig. This really is probably not good advice and it is probably best to just keep playing a practicing and working your way through it. Definitely bad advice if you’re under 21. I just had to say it because it was a bar gig. One more thing to add about drinking too much and trying to perform. I have found that after drinking a lot that my vocal range goes to hell. Obviously this can really limit your selection of songs that you can play from your repituar. And if you are not aware of this, you may not be doing yourself any justice especially if some of the people in the crowd aren’t as tanked up as you are. You may look like an ass. Back to the nerves problem. It was actually difficult to strum the guitar smoothly. It was a struggle, but you just have to keep working through it and know that it will get easier as you go, which it always does. I think the second or third song was Margaritaville again by JB. This went much better. I’ve played this song hundreds of times, it’s an easy song to play and sing and is always one that I play for people. It would probably be best to play 2 or 3 songs that I know well just to get things rolling, but with the time limit between sets I don’t just want to play the same old songs. I want to show the variety of songs that I can play so hence Tim’s 52 gigs. Just got to keep pushing on and working through it.  

I had a lot of support. I lot of good friends came out to see me. I never want to sound conceded when I thank them for coming out because I know they are there to see Chip too, but I whole heartedly appreciate all of their support and I want them to know this. So thanks again for the support. I met a friend of Don C’s, John, very nice to meet and talk to you – hope you get that bass. Jim and Dan, always good to see you guys, I’m looking forward to the next Grand Ledge St. Patricks’ Day Parade golf scramble fund raiser. And in the pictures are a bunch of my friends. Thanks Kim for taking the pictures and your support.
Looking forward to the next one,

Set List
Come Monday
People Are Crazy
Norwegian Wood
Small Town
What Do You Want
Turn The Page

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