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Gig #2 Michigan Brewing Co, Lansing Mi


This was an Open Mic Night. There is normally a host band or just a guitar player/singer.  I was the first one there to play. The Host, Kerry, was setting up and told me I could play in a few minutes – I told him to go ahead because I wanted to drink a beer first. Kerry on electric guitar and Wayne on drums played 4 blues tunes. He finished his last song and asked me if I was ready to play. I responded yes.  The place was about three quarters full; a few families, and it looked like the other patrons might have recently got off work and meeting friends for food and drink. I started with The Life by Kenny Chesney, a safe one to start with and one of my favorites. Again, my strumming was tight, I don’t mean “good” tight, I mean it felt like l had less coordination and a small weight attached to my arm – but not as bad as it was last Saturday at the Log Jam during my first song. The sound quality seemed pretty good, especially for the vocal, but after listening back on the video (posted on this page and the videos page) I could have sang a little louder. One more note on sound. Depending on the arrangement of the sound equipment, it seems the majority of the time, due to the limited space, the speakers are out in front of the performer so it is very difficult to hear yourself play and sing because everything sounds very bassey. I finished the first song and started the second song “Margaritaville”, with a little bit of nervous sweat. Kerry the host backed me up on bass and Wayne on drums. This immediately changed the experience for me. I had jammed with other people before but only on guitar, never drums and a bass. This was fun! All of a sudden a lot of the pressure was off. I just had to adjust my timing a little bit and work-it together with them. With these guys filling in I was able to concentrate a little more on my vocals and it sounded good to me. One more thing worth mentioning, from the stage or performance area, one can see everything that is going on in the venue. This is really cool because you can see how people respond to what they are hearing and you can kind of read what they like… just good to take note of these things.
I played 2 more songs then my time was up. The applause at the end was pretty good. My buddy Tom videotaped some of the gig and has posted it to my blog.  Dave and Deb came out from Grand Ledge to give their support. Thanks, – I hope you know how much I appreciate it.  I plan on retuning to this gig again next Monday. I think I will try a few more upbeat tunes. It should be more fun with the bass and drums to back me up.
Looking forward to the next one,

Set List
The Life
People Are Crazy

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