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Gig #52 (Success Feel Good)

Gig #52


Gig #52, “Success”

The Gig (The final Gig):

It was a blast and the place was packed.

Getting to this gig has consumed me for the last couple of months, but was definitely worth it. I could not have been happier with outcome.

My plan was to have all the musicians that I collaborated with along the way perform with me.  To prepare, I held rehearsals at my house once a week with each person or group.  We rehearsed almost every week for 7 or 8 weeks prior to the show.  Aside from a full time day job, the rehearsals kept me busy 3 nights a week and I gigged almost every Friday night.  I committed any remaining time I could find to practice and to honing the songs that I already knew or the songs that I was learning with the other participating musicians – I didn’t take the time to learn any new songs during this time, I just wanted to focus the 52nd gig.

Following are the musicians that performed:

Tom Cocozzoli – song-writer, guitarist and former leader of the band Gossip In The Forest

Chis Hillabrand — guitarist who has performed with several bands including Chasin’ God and the Mike Espy Band

Tom Moore – Tim’s longtime friend and musician

Rachel Rayl – a 16 year old inspiring singer and song-writer from Grand Ledge

I was hoping to get Chip Christy to perform with me as well, he has been extremely busy with projects of his own.  As I wrote about in some of my earliest commentaries, chip was very instrumental in providing opportunities for me to play very early on.

The Lesson Learned:

Ahhhh…. the lesson learned,

There have been many, as I have written about in my prior commentaries.

It would be better to say that I basically reinforced what I already knew which is the more you do something the better you will get at it or at least, get better at doing “it”.  For me “it” is getting up in front of people and performing.  As I mentioned in my bio and a few my early commentaries, my shyness, insecurity or whatever you want to call it was crippling me from pursuing a lifelong passion. Music has always brought me so much joy.  It has been so powerful in my life. I’ve always wanted to be that guy who sits on that stool or stands up front, who sings a song that delivers that feeling or emotion that music has always done for me. Now I can do this or least be in position to do attempt to deliver it.

I’m sure I will still get a case of the butterflies from time to time but I would say that through this project I have conquered my fears.

The Music:

A lot of friends told me that they planned on arriving at least an hour or more early to make sure they could get seats.  Knowing this, I knew as soon as I arrived I would be busy greeting people and setting up my equipment would be next to impossible. So I went to the Log Jam earlier in the day to set up and check the sound. This plan definitely paid off.

I started off the show talking a bit about my 52 gigs journey and thanking everyone for coming out.  Next I sang a couple of songs myself to get thing rolling before bring on the other performers.

I thought the sound was great.  I had my digital recorder plugged directly into my mixer to capture the sound live without all the noise from the audience.  It worked excellent when I remembered to turn it on which was only on about 3 songs.

I’ve posted a few videos and pictures from the night.  The three videos of Rachel and I are dubbed with digital audio from my mixer.  The other are shot with a regular video recorder.

What’s next?

I definitely want to do some more songs with Rachel if she is willing. I really enjoyed singing with accompanying her. She brings a very uplifting spirit to the table. She has a very distinct sound and style. I’m sure she can go a long way if she chooses.

Depending on Chris’ schedule, we will probably continue to play and perform together from time to time.

If I decide to take it to the next level I’ll need to put out a CD with original music then dive into the singer song writer world.  From what I have learned so far, the singer song writer world is a whole another adventure and a huge time commitment.  These guys and gals work hard.  They are on the road a lot singing where and when ever the can and in a lot of cases for free. I’ll have to think about this for a while.  I don’t think I’m ready to give up my summers on the lake yet.

You may or may not have noticed the new page recently added to this site called Interviews.  These are interviews that I have conducted via email with other solo performers.  To stay true to the intent of this site, I am only interviewing sole performers in hopes that their insight and experience that they share will help out others doing what we do. This process of collaborating with the interviewees has been a lot of fun. I’m going to keep this going in hopes of getting at least 10 interview per state.

Special thanks to:


•             My #1 fan, my wife Kim

•             All of my friends and family.  There are to many of you to list.  You have all been so instrumental in helping me meet this goal. Thank you for all the kind support, words of encouragement, gigs, parties, decorations, laughs, surprises – everything!!!!

•             Everybody that has sighed up to receive the 52 gigs newsletters. I have met many of you and look forward to meeting those that I have not yet had the opportunity to meet. I will keep sending the newsletter out from time to time to keep you all posted on the interviews and whatever else I’m doing musically. Thanks for all you support.

•             Chris, owner of the Log Jam and everybody how has hosted a gig.

•             Fellow musicians and supporters – keep on rockin’


A little about the art-work (guitar) I’m holding in the picture in the front page of this blog site.  The artist is my wife.  The medium is glass and the process is called fusing or fused glass art.  I absolutely love this piece that she made for me, will cherish it forever.

Her work is currently represented at the Kubiak Gallery in Douglas /Saugatuck MI and the Gallery 1212 in (Old Town) Lansing MI.

You can also see her work and contact her through her web site at www.KimHeenan.com

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